Doc Management and Workflow

If actions and decisions inside a company aren’t aligned, processes are disrupted and the competitive edge gets lost.

Workflow management tools that also introduce managed documents help you organize and drive all of your internal business processes along with the data and information that supports them or results from them. Within the workflows are all the activities, functions, physical documents, projects, customer orders, inquiries, sales call records, marketing events and every other element adding to achieving the organization’s goals. Through workflows, each person in the organization knows exactly what is expected and when.

The data which surrounds the business workflows must be captured, organized, and made available to the correct employees when they need it.  Having information distributed across email systems, shared drives, individuals’ laptops and tablets is not only counterproductive, it is likely to result in security breaches and lost data. Corporate information should be stored, secured, shared, and accessed from one centralized repository, and everyone in the company should have the tools to more effectively find information, communicate and collaborate.

Simply storing information isn’t really enough.  Collected and created data should also be associated with the defined business workflows in order to provide a solid and somewhat automatic audit trail.  This validation and supporting data ultimately translates into streamlined flows and improved communications for a more productive and efficient workforce, delivering greater transparency into process activities and effectiveness.

  • Reduce costs while increasing productivity
  • Improve customer and employee satisfaction
  • Evolve the organization with “paperless” approaches
  • Mitigate compliance risks
  • Increase revenues

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Try this one on for size: Exact for Business Management (aka Synergy)

  • Process management and automation, signalling and alerts
  • Fully integrated document management and archiving
  • Project management and administration
  • Templates for HR, sales and other business processes
  • Full integration with Exact for Finance and ERPvid-snapsho