Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Keeping track of the volumes of data that encompass the manufacturer, store, and distributor supply chain relationships can be a tough job without the right solution.

Combine CRM, Sales Management and Order Processing for both inside and outside sales representatives, manufacturers and distributors so that workflows are connected and double-entry is eliminated.

Manufacturing and wholesale businesses need not just a good CRM but one that has considerations specifically for companies that produce or represent consumer product goods (CPG). Easy coordination of prospecting, sample ordering, direct ordering, and distributor turnover processing. In addition, you will be able to build and manage a history of communications with stores, broker reps, distributor, press, chain headquarters and more.

Consider using TurnLink Sales Manager from TurnTree to eliminate many double entry tasks and integrating your information with popular applications like as QuickBooks, Excel, Outlook, Google Apps, Fedex, and UPS. Whether the company actively makes sales phone calls or manages networks of outside representatives, TurnLink can help turn prospects into customers, gain greater placement with current customers, and help secure and successfully launch new items into distribution.

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If you don’t have it in stock, you can’t sell it. If you don’t plan ahead, you won’t be able to deliver when the customer wants to buy. For many reasons, you need inventory management software.

Finding the best inventory management solution for your business can be overwhelming. All Orders inventory control software from NumberCruncher gets the basics right while delivering a fair amount of advanced functionality, affordability and usability at the same time.

Inventory control is imperative if the manufacturing business is to succeed.  Maintaining an inventory of products is essential, but managing and tracking movements is critical to delivering the analysis necessary to keep the business profitable and customers happy.

All Orders is the QuickBooks inventory management software that delivers comprehensive inventory and order management capability not found in the QuickBooks core software. While All Orders works well as a stand-alone warehouse software, it works even better when integrated with QuickBooks, ensuring that your business never again has to deal information bottlenecks, negative inventory quantities and untracked back-orders.


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