Build Your Own Cloud

Enable the mobile workforce, bringing remote offices and workers together

Build a Cloud From Your Own PC or Server


MyQuickCloud from Cooper Mann is a different approach to hosting and remote access that delivers big benefits to business owners and team members.  Unlike previous approaches, this one does not require businesses to select a single provider or even a single hosting model, so business owners can continue working with products and the providers they trust.

  • Our solutions enable remote access and desktop hosting from existing systems, so a business can extend their resources to reach mobile workers and remote offices quickly and affordably.
  • If the business wants to incorporate additional servers, or even migrate to hosted cloud servers, our service streamlines and simplifies the process and ensures that users won’t be confused by new interfaces or methods of connecting. Yes – Cooper Mann offers cloud servers (on AWS through MyQuickCloud or on Microsoft Azure through Noobeh) so you can use your own server or one from us.
  • MyQuickCloud removes the challenges and expense of installing and configuring remote access and virtual desktops, allowing us to get our customers up and running in just minutes instead of days.

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